According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the near future citizens of the Republic of Cyprus will have the opportunity to apply for long-term tourist visas to Russia.

Starting from November 21, 2017, Russian diplomatic missions and consular departments will issue single-entry tourist visas valid for up to 90 days to citizens of the Republic of Cyprus. To apply for a visa, a tourist confirmation from the host organization included in the federal register of tour operators will be required.


✅ Registration at the place of stay or residence of foreign citizens who arrived for temporary stay (temporary or permanent residence) is carried out within 1 day from the date of their arrival at the place of stay or residence providing the submission of the documents by the receiving party or directly by foreign citizens in the relevant territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia;


Russia has introduced the border regime in areas next to the border with Belarus on February 7.

The border regime has been introduced in Russia's three oblasts – Pskov, Smolensk and Bryansk.

There used to be no border zones at Belarus-Russia border before.

The innovation will not affect Belarusian citizens and will only apply to foreigners, the Russian border service assured.

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Tax order about individuals registration through special software

According to Federal Tax Order from 06.09.2010 N MMV-7-6/440 @ "On the commercial launch of the software that implements the registration with an individual with a tax authority on an application submitted through the Internet, notifying the applicant via the Internet the outcome of ballot papers " software allowing individuals to carry out the statement at the Tax Authority on the Internet is put into operation.

FMS order about highly qualified specialists entering Russia

On October 3, 2010 the Order of the Federal Migration Service (FMS of Russia) from August 11, 2010 № 250, Moscow "On approval of requirements for maintenance and the mandatory details of a written proposal to enter the Russian Federation highly specialist and the order of the interaction of the FMS and the diplomatic mission or consular post of the Russian Federation a foreign citizen when you make ordinary business visa” comes into force.

In accordance with this Order are approved:


Forms of Labor Attraction have been approved according to the Order №514n

There were separate forms of documents approved for the procedures of foreign workers attracting in accordance with the Order of Health Minister of Russia from 13.07.2010 N 514n "On Approval of the application form employers, customers, works (services), including foreign nationals, registered as individual entrepreneurs, the need for manpower to fill vacancies and the jobs created by foreign workers and the way of document filling in, as well as application forms for employers to increase the size of some of the current year needs to attract foreign workers and


Innovations for highly qualified specialists

Highly qualified specialists will travel through Russia without migration registration, and members of their families – will be allowed to stay in Russia during the period of highly qualified specialists’ work. The bill was last week submitted to the Duma.

Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation Vladimir Pligin came forward with this initiative. According to him, the amendments will be made in the laws governing the entry and exit from the country, as well as the migration registration of foreigners and stateless persons.



Italy, Holland, France, Switzerland - 18th of August,

Austria - 19th of August, 

Australia - 20th of August,

Estonia - 24th of August,

Portugal - 30th of August,

Finland - 1st of September,

Hungary - 2nd of September,

USA - 9th of September,

Germany - 14th of September.


Biometric passports issuance

Today there was an announcement about difficulties with biometric passports issuance in the country. The reason of it is ventilation system.
As RBC spokesperson of the Federal Migration Service of Russia Konstantin Poltoranin told, the issuance of biometric passports was stopped because of an accident in the air conditioning system in NII Voskhod. This accident led to the malfunction of the server that stores the data of people waiting for passports. However, FMS assures that citizens profiling information did not suffer.



Italy, Holland, France – 10th of August,

Australia – 12th of August,

Switzerland – 16th of August,

Portugal – 19th of August,

USA – 27th of August,

Hungary – 30th of August,

Germany – 2nd of September.



Italy, Holland, France – 2nd of August,

Australia – 3d of August,

Switzerland – 6th of August,

USA – 23d of August,

Hungary – 24th of August,

Portugal – 27th of August,

Germany – 30th of August.


FMS of Russia works according to the new Law FZ-86

RF Government approved the application forms of the employer to attract highly qualified foreign specialists and form a patent issued to visa free foreign citizen arrived in the Russian Federation.



Italy, Holland - 20th of July,

Australia - 22nd of July,

France - 23d of July,

Switzerland - 27th of July,

USA - 13th of August,

Hungary - 16th of August,

Germany - 19th of August.