According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the near future citizens of the Republic of Cyprus will have the opportunity to apply for long-term tourist visas to Russia.

Starting from November 21, 2017, Russian diplomatic missions and consular departments will issue single-entry tourist visas valid for up to 90 days to citizens of the Republic of Cyprus. To apply for a visa, a tourist confirmation from the host organization included in the federal register of tour operators will be required.


✅ Registration at the place of stay or residence of foreign citizens who arrived for temporary stay (temporary or permanent residence) is carried out within 1 day from the date of their arrival at the place of stay or residence providing the submission of the documents by the receiving party or directly by foreign citizens in the relevant territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia;


Russia has introduced the border regime in areas next to the border with Belarus on February 7.

The border regime has been introduced in Russia's three oblasts – Pskov, Smolensk and Bryansk.

There used to be no border zones at Belarus-Russia border before.

The innovation will not affect Belarusian citizens and will only apply to foreigners, the Russian border service assured.

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News archive - Consulate registration


Consulate/Visa center registration for 19.09.2011

Austria - Consulate - 26th of September,

UK - Service center - 22nd of September,

Hungary - Consulate - 26th of September,

Germany - Consulate - 12th of October, the first window – 22nd of September,

Italy - Service center - 21st of September,

Holland - Service center - 21st of September,

Portugal - Consulate - 30th of September,

USA - Consulate - 29th of September,


Entrance to Ireland by UK visa starting of 1st of July, 2011

Please be informed that from 1 July 2011, Ireland launched a program to bring the country more tourists. Under this program, decided to allow citizens from 14 countries visit Ireland if they have a visa to the UK. This rule will apply to citizens of Russia, Bahrain, Belarus, India, Qatar, China, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Montenegro.

Nearest registration date for 29.06.2011

Austria - 05th of July

UK - 01st of July

Hungary - 04th of August

Germany - 15th of August

Italy - 05th of July

Holland - 18th of July

Poland - 29th of June

Portugal - 24th of August

USA - 18th of July

Finland - 30th of June

France - 20th of July

Switzerland - 06th of July

Estonia - 08th of July


Consulate registration

Austria - 30th of May

UK - 10th of June

Hungary - 04th of July

Germany - 12th of July

Italy - 03d of June

Holland - 01st of June

Poland - 03d of June

Portugal - 26th of July

USA - 21st of June

France - 15th of June

Switzerland - 26th of May

Estonia - 10th of June


Consulate registration

Austria- 20th of May

UK - 02nd of June, 27-30th of May via Prime time appointment

Hungary - 22th of June

Germany - 28th of June

Italy - 23d of May

Holland - 20th of May

Portugal - 04th of July

USA - 14th of June

France - 02nd of June

Switzerland - 18th of May

Estonia - 03d of June



Australia - 25th of October,

Austria - 27th of October for tourist visa applications,

Hungary - 21th of October,

Germany - 10th of November,

Italy - 21th of October,

Holland - 29th of October,

Portugal - 21th of October,

USA - 2nd of November,

France - 21th of October,

Switzerland - 21th of October,

Estonia - 9th of November.



Australia - 08th of October,

Austria - 07th of October for tourist visa applications,

Hungary - 07th of October,

Germany - 18th of October,

Italy - 06th of October,

Holland - 11th of October,

Portugal - 06th of October,

USA - 18th of October,

France - 06th of October,

Switzerland - 06th of October,

Estonia - 08th of October



Italy, Holland, France, Switzerland - 18th of August,

Austria - 19th of August, 

Australia - 20th of August,

Estonia - 24th of August,

Portugal - 30th of August,

Finland - 1st of September,

Hungary - 2nd of September,

USA - 9th of September,

Germany - 14th of September.



Italy, Holland, France – 10th of August,

Australia – 12th of August,

Switzerland – 16th of August,

Portugal – 19th of August,

USA – 27th of August,

Hungary – 30th of August,

Germany – 2nd of September.



Italy, Holland, France – 2nd of August,

Australia – 3d of August,

Switzerland – 6th of August,

USA – 23d of August,

Hungary – 24th of August,

Portugal – 27th of August,

Germany – 30th of August.